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Step 1: Live with Authenticity

In middle school, kids are shaping their core beliefs and values and beginning to think critically about their worldview and the worldview of others.  They are trying to find where they belong and test boundaries.  They are beginning to compare what authority figures say they value with the fruit from their actual lives.

Step 2:  Connect & Challenge

Northlake recognizes the promotion from Northlake KiDS  with a special class and fun outing.  On the first Sunday after the school year ends, kids will be challenged to take responsibility to be growing in their relationship with God by spending time with Him daily. They will build connections with leaders and kids that will be with them in Northlake NEXGEN.

Step 3: Encourage Daily Time with God

After students are charged with the importance of their intentional time in prayer and scripture, parents will need to encourage and reinforce this at home.

The transition from elementary to middle school marks a big shift in our children. As the influence of their peers and the culture becomes more compelling, developing habits and connections to the truth and people of God have never been more important. 
Parents, as people secure in God's love for us, we should:

  • Live with authenticity to tell a more compelling story than the world

  • Build our children up through encouragement in truth

  • Challenge our children to begin having daily time with God

  • Help children build friendships with other believers & integrate into student ministry

  • Reassure them that they are loved unconditionally by you and their church family

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