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Step 1: Pray Without Ceasing

Prayer was the hallmark of Jesus' ministry.  Scripture shows us that He regularly, intentionally, and joyfully spent time with the Father in prayer.  As followers of Jesus, developing this practice in our own lives should be a top priority.

Step 2:  Build Rhythms of Prayer in Your Home

Children are not naturally going to become people who seek the Lord in all things. As parents, we need to be intentional about showing them both how and why we pray.  We can easily weave prayer into fabric of our family's daily life.

Step 3: Commit to Praying

for Your Child

The travailing prayers of a parent are one of the greatest blessings you can give your child. Truly believing this, Northlake has a resource to equip and encourage you to pray bold prayers from scripture for your children of all ages.

Prayer is the most important discipline in the life of a believer.  It communicates our need for and our trust in the power of God.  It places our attention and affection on the Lord and is a consistent yielding of our will to His.


Parents, as people who believe that God loves our prayers, we should:

  • Become people of continual prayer

  • Pray fervently for our children

  • Develop rhythms of regular prayer with our children

  • Teach our children who God is as we model for them how and why we pray


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