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The Bible is the inspired word of God. It is one big story that tells of God's nature and character and points us at every page to look to Jesus for redemption.
Parents, as people shaped by story of redemption, we should:

  • Spend daily time in being transformed by God's Word

  • Talk regularly with your kids about the things you are learning

  • Read the Bible intentionally with our children.

  • Help our children understand the grand narrative of scripture 

Step 1: Read the Bible

God's word is not meant to be read once, but committed to memory and meditated on daily. There is no hope for maturing as a believer without regular reading of the Bible.  We must let our children see us loving God's Word and being sustained and shaped by it daily.

Step 2:  Read the Bible

with Your Kids

The Jesus Storybook Bible is an incredible resource for learning the big story of the Bible - how everything points to Jesus- one story at a time. While Northlake 1st graders go through these stories each Sunday for the entire year, parents and kids can complete this reading plan together at any time.

Step 3: Affirm and Celebrate

Northlake wants to help you show your kids that we celebrate their commitment to know the story of God. Children who have completed the entire Jesus Storybook Bible reading plan will have their picture taken to share with their church family and get a small gift.



Printed copies available at the @home desk in lobby.

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