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Baptism at Northlake is the celebration of God's faithfulness! It is the outward declaration in response to a heart inwardly transformed by faith in the completed work of Jesus for salvation. It is the first step of obedience in lifelong commitment to follow Jesus.
Parents, as people made new in Christ, we should:

  • Share the gospel with our children regularly

  • Prayerfully walk your child through the decision to be baptized when he or she shows signs of genuine faith

  • Share the celebration baptism with a church family who commits to walk alongside them in faith

  • Lead our families in continual remembrance of our baptism with the Lord's Supper

Step 1: Be Baptized

If we as parents has repented and believed the gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation and has never been baptized, we should lead in obedience.

Step 3: Celebrate Baptism

Children (2nd grade and older) who have been showing signs of true heart transformation can talk with a Northlake KiDS leader to review the gospel and talk through what baptism is and what it is not.  After this class, parents and kids can talk and pray through the decision to be baptized at the baptism service in the following weeks.

Step 2:  Share the Gospel with Your Child

Sharing the gospel to our kids should start early, include real life illustrations, and be repeated often.

Step 4: Take Communion

Once a person has professed faith and been baptized, participating in the Lord's Supper is a continual practice of remembering and professing the truth of our redemption through Jesus. Our church family shares the Lord's Supper on the last Sunday of each month.

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