Youversion sermon notes

Northlake Church is now using YouVersion Events as a resource for all of our weekly sermon notes. If you have a smart phone, tablet or access to the internet, you can access all of our sermon notes for each week, along with the bible verses for that weeks message. So if you have a smart device, get the YouVersion Bible app and check out Northlake’s events. After you have downloaded the Bible app, follow these steps... 

1. Open the YouVersion Bible app on your smart device

2. In the home menu select the lower right icon labeled "more" 

3. Then select "Events"  

4a. If your device automatically reads your GPS location, it should provide you with all of the options for churches in our area using Live Events. 

4b. If your device does not read your GPS location, type in “78645” or “Lago Vista” in the search area and you should gain access to all Live Events in our zip code. 

5. Select the Event that has “Northlake Church" under the event title, look for todays date, and select that entry. 

6. Use the notes during the message time, read the scripture right from the app and then refer back to them throughout the week in your personal or group study. 

Have Fun!!!

Northlake Church

3610 Lohman Ford Road

Lago Vista, Texas 78645

Service Time:

July 1-Sept 2, 2018

one service...@ 10:45am

p: 512.305.3705