Welcome to northlake church!


We're glad that you found us and are interested in being a part of Northlake Church! When you arrive you'll see that we're just like you, people learning what it means to follow Jesus in their everyday life. In order to take away some of the mystery of what happens on Sunday mornings around here before you arrive, we've jotted down a few tips on visiting Northlake Church for the first time: 

What Kind Of Church Is Northlake? 

Northlake Church is a Christian, Non-Denominational church and offer two services each Sunday, at 9:00am and 10:45am.  

In terms of essentials, we believe that the Bible is the only Word of God, Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and Savior, and that God’s salvation and forgiveness come by His grace alone through faith in Christ alone.  For more, visit our "What We Believe" page. 

Is there a 'New Comers' class?

Ever wonder what Northlake Church's story is?  Who we are? What we believe? How you fit?  We would love to tell you!  Six times a year we offer a 'Get To Know Northlake' lunch that is hosted by Pastor Mike that strives to answer all of those questions!  We meet at 12:00 noon, right after the second morning worship gathering at our church campus.  We will take some time to get to know each other, eat some food and then walk through some basic but helpful material to help you get to know us a little better!

Our next GTKN lunch will be coming up soon, so keep checking back for more details.  Click HERE to register for our next class.  We look forward to meeting you!

What are the church services like? 

We realize God is drawing people to Northlake Church from different kinds of backgrounds, so we want you to know about our Sunday services. We are a congregation of about 250 people, and we are currently meeting at 3610 Lohman Ford Road in Lago Vista, Texas. Since we're a multi-generational church, our music is modern, our teaching is straight from the Bible, engaging and focused on personal application. Our people are loving and welcoming and you will find they are probably a lot like you! Things get started around 8:30 with some hang out time with free coffee and donuts...our official start time for the first service is 9:00 am and 10:45 for our second service. Our service runs about an hour to one hour and 15 minutes with teaching and music as a main part of each week. There will also be an offering taken so that our regular attenders can worship by giving back to God. The messages are both biblical and relevant. Northlake Church is committed to the truth and life-changing power of God's Word, the Bible. Our pastors connect God's unchanging truths with our lives today; we talk about what's worth living for and what isn't.  On the last Sunday of every month we observe communion during our main service but make it available every week to take individually if you would like to make that a part of your worship and remembrance of Jesus. It is our desire to remember the death of Jesus and celebrate his forgiveness as a church body weekly as individuals and monthly as a family of believers. 

What should I wear to church? 

Most people wear casual attire, others get dressed up. We encourage people to come in whatever they are most comfortable wearing. We love that Northlake is a comfortable place for many people to worship so no dress code is in place, come like you are! 

What is there for my child? 

Sunday morning, we offer a full nursery and programming for children up to pre-k for the 9:00 service and full programming from birth to 5th grade for the 10:45 service. Shauna Olson is our Director of Children's Ministry and does an amazing job teaching and leading kids to meet and love Jesus. We also have an amazing group of volunteers that have stepped up to love your kids too! We couldn't do it with out them! Visit our "Children" page on this site to learn more about specific programming or contact Shauna (on our staff page) if you have more questions or would like to volunteer! 

What is there for my Middle/High School Student? 

Northlake Church loves students and we value their unique journey in discovering Jesus! Zach Barnhart is the Pastor of Students, and leads this area specifically. He works with an amazing group of volunteers that provide exciting, fun, engaging and bible-centric programming for students from 6th-12th grade. If you have a middle school student (6th-8th grade) they meet at Northlake's campus from 5:30-7:00, while High School students meet from 6:30-8:15.  For more information, navigate to the "Students" tab.

Are there small groups for adults? 

Yes, we call them GoGroups. We meet in homes, throughout the week to demonstrate and declare the Gospel of Jesus as missionary families to our friends, neighbors and family. Visit the GoGroup page on our site by clicking here to find out more information. 

I have a question or comment I’d like to share. What should I do? 

We have a general communication card you can use to ask questions and share prayer requests. These cards can be found in "The Weekly" and in the lobby area. After you complete it, place it in the offering basket or in the communication box at the back of the auditorium and we promise we'll get it and respond to you. You can also call the church office during the week (512.305.3705) or send us a general email to the church (see contact us) or specifically email staff members (their addresses are on our staff page).

Northlake Church

3610 Lohman Ford Road

Lago Vista, Texas 78645

Service Times: 9:00 & 10:45am

p: 512.305.3705

e: info@mynorthlake.com