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As part of our disciple making plan, we know that Sunday morning alone is insufficient to accomplish the mission of Jesus. We need more time with smaller groups of people, living life in community, living life on mission, that we might become disciples of Jesus (Matthew 4:19) who are about fulfilling the Great Commandment ( Matthew 22:36...loving God and each other) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20...making disciples). Our GoGroups are families of servant missionaries sent on mission by God as disciples who make disciples. This is much more than a weekly event. 

Together we learn how to worship and submit to Jesus in all of life by

1] learning how to love one another as family, 

2] worship Jesus as servants who serve others, and

3] share the good news of Jesus Christ as his sent missionaries. 

Currently, we have four groups meetings regularly:

Billington/Wallace - Sundays @ 12:15.  Meeting at the Northlake facility. Contact karenwallace@austin.rr.com for more info.

BryantEvery other Saturday. Meeting time/location varies.
Contact dave@mynorthlake.com for more info.

Teal/Murrell's - Sundays @ 5:30pm.  Meeting in Lago & Jonestown.  

Contact greg.teal@hotmail.com for more info.

Cecala - Tuesdays @ 6:30pm.  Meeting in Lago.  

Contact jbcecala@gmail.com for more info.

If you'd like further details about GoGroups in general, read through the attached GoGroup DOCUMENT .  If you're not quite sure which group would be best for you, you can request information by clicking HERE and we will help get you connected!

Northlake Church

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Sundays, 10:45am

p: 512.305.3705

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