our elder team

Here at Northlake Church, our Elders are the main spiritual and directional leaders for our church. The role of the Elders is to provide spiritual leadership, to care for the church, and to ensure biblically-sound doctrine. They meet regularly for prayer, ministry assessment, vision casting and accountability. We currently have a board of 7 Elders - 5 lay Elders and 2 staff Elders.  Please pray for them as they lead and shepherd our church family.

To contact our board, please feel free to email us.

To access our Elder Application and Qualifications document, click here

  • dan morgan

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  • robert wallace

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  • chris keeran

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  • Keith Billington

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  • dean rohne

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  • Zach barnhart

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  • david bryant

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our staff team

Sometimes it is nice to put a name with a face, and we hope this helps a little! Below you will find some pictures with some names and roles of people who love this church and want to serve you. So, when you see these folks on Sunday, come introduce yourself!

  • Shauna Olson

    children's director

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    student & Spiritual  formation pastor, elder

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  • david


    worship & welcome PASTOR, ELDER

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  • Jayni Mccaleb

    office administrator

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