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Our Mission: Pursuing Jesus everyday, becoming like him and leading others to become like him

Our Vision: “It is our HOPE that every man, woman and child on the north shore would experience and hear the life changing message of Jesus Christ.” 

As a local church of believers in Jesus Christ, we’re called by God to carry out the unique kingdom assignment He’s given to us. Our Mission and Vision statements are a reflection of that calling and the overarching reason we exist. So every worship service, every ministry, every program, and every project flow from this mission that God has given to us. Jesus commissioned his disciples to be disciples who make disciples. A disciple of Jesus is committed to bringing all of life increasingly under the leadership of Jesus. They are also committed to leading others to bring all of life increasingly under the leadership of Jesus. The mission of Northlake Church is not just to grow a Sunday gathering or fill up our lives with church programs. Our desire is to equip God's people to be disciples who make disciples so that the Gospel of Jesus will fill this whole community. We believe it's not the few who do the ministry for the many, but a few who equip the many for the ministry. We hope that you will join us to be equipped for Jesus' mission! It is our hope that God's people will realize they are the church sent into the everyday stuff of life so God might fill every place with His glory through His people. The church is not a place; it is people sent to fill every place with Jesus' presence, every day.


We recognize that most churches have some type of membership or partnership process to identify the people who are committing themselves to that local body. At Northlake Church, we recognize that committing to a local body is important because it is a step of growth in becoming a mature disciple of Jesus Christ. We encourage everyone who has decided to commit to Northlake Church as their church home to become a Member. We also recognize that as new people attend the church, they have differing reasons for being here and want them to take the time they need to get to know us before they take that Membership step. We would suggest attending for a year before committing to Membership. Whether or not you are an official member we encourage you to get involved in a number of volunteer and learning opportunities that are not limited to who is a ‘Member’ or who is a ‘regular attender’.

If you are interested in becoming a Member, please click on the link and send us an email with "INTERESTED IN MEMBERSHIP" in the subject line: CLICK HERE

The Elders will handle these on an individual basis for now...but, we will be launching an official 'Membership Process' soon. This will include some type of class and interview by an Elder, Pastor or current member at Northlake Church. Our hope for this process is that it helps you better understand what it means to call Northlake Church your home church, but until the formal class/process launches, click the link above, we would love to talk with you!

Northlake Church

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July 1-Sept 2, 2018

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